Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Product: Analyzing Quotes & Sources

This is a great resource to use with middle and high school humanities classes (English and social studies). It has students look at a series of eight quotes and summarize what the moral is. Then students write down what they know and can infer about the author based on the quote. Most of the quotes are from African Americans civil rights leaders, but a few are from people who violated civil rights. They will try to match the quotes with their sources before being given the actual answers. This activity works on paraphrasing, inferences and analyzing sources.

I've used it with my students and they loved trying to guess who said what.  When they found out who all of the quotes belonged to they were surprised, sparking a conversation about the importance of analyzing sources.  

This is especially apropos for African American history month.  And, at just $3, it is a great deal.  Download it today and use it tomorrow!

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