Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday Freebies: Cool Activities for Middle and High School English and Social Studies

Here are a few of my new favorite freebies for high school English and social studies...

#1: Click the picture link above to access a site with a plethora of online interactive activities to use when teaching text structures.  There are puzzles, quizzes and more.  It teaches students to analyze the wording in texts to help them unlock the structure and author's purpose.

#2: The picture link above will take you to a free interactive online game where students can go through a poverty simulation activity.  They will take on the role of a third world farmer.  They will be confronted with ethical questions and tight budgets that will make them think critically about the difficulties of life in third world countries.

#3: Click on the lorax to go a site that explains how to use children's books to analyze societal ideals and ethics.

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